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Ken Bergquist

Webiste is Ken Bergquist, a multifaceted, organized and driven Technical Creative with 15 years of directing and producing all technical aspects of client projects and agency operations in the fields of Interactive Branding, Marketing and Advertising; SEO/SEM; PPC/PPM; Online and Offline Media; Social and Content Marketing; Content Management Systems; Information Architecture; Usability Research and Consulting; Data Analysis and, last but not least, Systems Engineering and Administration from hands-on to 30,000 feet.

Ken has served agency clients as Architect, Designer and Developer of Web Sites and Applications, and as Usability Analyst and Researcher, worked alongside and managed Executives, Account Service personnel, Programmers, Developers, DBA’s, Network Support Staff and Graphic Designers as well as having architected, designed, produced, developed, tested, deployed, managed and analyzed dozens of interactive projects including Web Sites and Applications, Software, Middleware, Content Management Systems, Multimedia, Video, Animation and Audio.

He has also been known to enjoy camping with family and friends, building highly detailed scale models of SciFi spaceships, and staring up at the sky and back in time.

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Web Development

We specialize in Content Management Systems. Starting in the early 21st century, clients asked for websites they could self-manage.

IA / Usability

Taking a structured approach to website architecture is crucial to success. We’ve seen them both large and small.


Build it. They won’t come. Without Search. Once they find you, and know who you are, how can you reach out and hit them with your brand?


We work at the man/machine interface. And danged if it’s not pretty much broken all the time. I’ve been hands-on, and I’ve directed hands-on from way above. All in the same day. Frequently.

Electronic Media

Editing, producing and delivering compelling, entertaining and informative online and offline multimedia.

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