Information Architecture / User Experience

Information Architecture / User Experience

We’ve designed, built and restructured sites large and small, and we’ve learned one thing for sure: If you don’t ask users what they want, you have a pretty slim chance of delivering it.

We work to make your website everything (mostly) to (almost) everyone. With an eye toward making 20% of your content work for 80% of your users, we can give you peace of mind that your site is getting the job done for you.

We usually begin by interviewing your key stakeholders to determine where they stand – what they expect from their piece of your online presence.

Then we move to capture user experience to¬†give you the tightest possible focus on what users need from your site. This phase may include remote and/or on-site user testing, either moderated or self-directed. We track user responses thousands at a time, or ask one user about her preferences while she’s using your site or prototype. We can record those experiences remotely – what would you give to have video of her desktop, and an audio recording of her comments while testing? It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you think.

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